5G New Radio User Plane Simulation Model for INET & OMNeT++

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I download the Simu5G code?

A: Welcome on board! Visit this page to download Simu5G.

Q: How is Simu5G different from the Vienna 5G SL simulator?

A: The Vienna 5G SL simulator is a MATLAB-based simulator that allows one to evaluate average PHY-layer performance by means of Monte Carlo simulations. A system-level version of it, called Vienna 5G System Level Simulator, allows one to trade accuracy for scale, thus enabling the evaluation of larger-scale networks in terms of average performance. This simulator is well tailored for the evaluation of lower-layer procedures, including signal-processing techniques. However, it cannot be used to evaluate multi-layer, end-to-end scenarios. On the other hand, Simu5G is a discrete-event, end-to-end, application-level simulator. You can model applications in it, and have endpoints communicate at the application layer with their packets traversing all the protocol layers, through arbitrarily complex network scenarios.

Q: How is Simu5G different from other end-to-end simulators, such as 5G LENA or 5G-air-simulator?

A: As far as we know, Simu5G is the only one to support the following features:

Q: Can I integrate Simu5G with other models, e.g., run a simulation where a WiFi host communicates with a 5G UE?

A: Simu5G is a model library for the OMNeT++ simulation framework. Any other model library written for OMNeT++ can be integrated with it. Notably, Simu5G makes extensive use of models from the INET framework (e.g., routers and hosts).

Q: Is Simu5G compatible with SimuLTE? Can I run simulations with both 4G and 5G nodes?

A: Yes and yes. More to the point, you can also run 5G simulations with ENDC deployments (i.e., a 4G eNB acting as a master and a 5G gNB acting as a slave). See the description page.

Q: What hardware is required to run Simu5G as an emulator?

A: An off-the-shelf desktop pc with two network interfaces can run an emulation of a multicell 5G network carrying application traffic up to several Mbps. See our demo in the emulation page.

Q: How do I get involved?

A: Cool! You have some choices here:

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