Simu5G Showcase


The goal of this showcase is to demonstrate a standalone 5G network deployment using the Simu5G framework. It aims to highlight the interactions between network elements such as the gNodeB and the User Equipment (UE) in a 5G NR environment, and how traffic flows between these elements.

New in version 1.2.2.

Source files location: showcases/NR/standalone


We use the following network:


The simulation model consists of the following key components:

  • gNodeB: Represents the 5G base station responsible for communication with the UEs.

  • UE: Simulates the User Equipment that connects to the network for data transmission.

  • Server: Acts as the data endpoint for the UEs, simulating internet services.

  • Router and UPF: Facilitate routing and packet forwarding in the network.

The network is configured to support a standalone 5G NR deployment, as per 3GPP 38.801 specifications.


The simulation is configured via the provided INI file, with the following key settings:

  • Simulation Time: The simulation runs for a total of 20 seconds.

  • Number of UEs: Configured to have a single UE by default.

  • Mobility: UEs are confined within a 1000m x 1000m area.

  • Transmission Power: Configured for both the gNodeB and UE, with default values set to 40 and 26 respectively.

  • IPv4 Configuration: Managed by the Ipv4NetworkConfigurator with settings provided in demo.xml.

Two traffic configurations are included:

  • VoIP-DL: Simulates Voice-over-IP traffic from the server to the UE.

  • VoIP-UL: Simulates Voice-over-IP traffic from the UE to the server.


The simulation generates scalar and vector results captured in *.sca and *.vec files, respectively. Key metrics to observe include:

  • End-to-end delay: Measures the latency experienced by VoIP packets.

  • Throughput: Assesses the network’s capacity to handle data traffic.

  • Packet loss: Evaluates the reliability of the data transmission.

Analysis of these results can provide insights into the performance and reliability of the standalone 5G NR deployment in various scenarios.


This showcase provides a comprehensive overview of a standalone 5G network’s operation using the Simu5G framework, focusing on the key interactions and performance metrics essential for evaluating the network’s capabilities.

Sources: omnetpp.ini, SingleCell_Standalone.ned


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