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5G New Radio User Plane Simulation Model for INET & OMNeT++

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Simulating 5G-enabled vehicular networks

Simu5G is able to simulate 5G communications in vehicular networks by integrating Veins. Veins is a framework for vehicular networks simulation, based on the road traffic simulator SUMO.

To simulate vehicular networks within Simu5G, you have two options:

  • Get the Simu5G 1.2.1 PnP Virtual Machine;
  • Download Veins and integrate it manually within your Simu5G project. If you choose this option, read the following instructions.

Integrating Veins into your Simu5G project

This guide assumes you already have a working version of Simu5G on your machine. If you don't, please get it before going ahead. See the Install Guide.

Download SUMO
  1. Download SUMO v1.11.0
  2. Extract the archive's content, e.g., PATH_TO_SUMO/sumo-1.11.0
  3. Build SUMO by following the instructions in the README file included in the package
Download Veins
  1. Download Veins 5.2
  2. Extract the archive's content into your workspace (e.g. next to Simu5G and inet4.4 directories)
Import Veins into your workspace using the IDE
  1. Start the OMNeT++ IDE and open your Simu5G workspace
  2. Import the project using: File | Import | General | Existing projects into Workspace. Then select your workspace directory, i.e. the one including Simu5G, inet4.4 and Veins folders. Tick the "Search for nested projects" box and select "veins" and "veins_inet" projects. Click Finish.
  3. In the project explorer, right-click on the "Simu5G" folder | Properties | Project References. Tick the "veins_inet" box (do not tick the "veins" folder. Click OK.
  4. In the project explorer, right-click on the "Simu5G" folder | Properties | OMNeT++ | Project Features. Tick the "Simu5G Cars" box. Click OK.
  5. Build the project by pressing CTRL-B (or Project | Build all).
Run a simulation example
  1. In your terminal, navigate to the "veins/bin" folder and launch SUMO, by using the command ./ -vv -c PATH_TO_SUMO/sumo-1.11.0/bin/sumo (replace PATH_TO_SUMO with the actual directory where you extracted SUMO. The -c option is not necessary if you added "PATH_TO_SUMO/sumo-1.11.0/bin/" to your PATH environment variable)
  2. In the OMNeT++ IDE, select the 'Simu5G/simulations/NR/cars' example folder, and click 'Run' on the toolbar.
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